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Meet Misty

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Meet Misty

Post  Misty on Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:23 pm

1. Misty
2. Female
3. Delta

4. White,Ears and tail are black,brown,white,and grey- but you can mostly see black
5. Pacific Blue
6. Got taken by indians and has 3 blue circles around each eye,and blue paws
7. She is shy,and quiet...Until you get to know her. Then she can be fun, playful,and weird. She is also very loyal to the higher ranks and lower ranks, because she knows what it's like to be both. She will risk her life for a pack member. She is also a great hunter, but she respects all animals-She used to be a lead hunter until she got her rank moved up.
8. Smaller than average. She has muscles but you can't really see them. Narrow bodied, which allows her to be a fast runner.

9. http://sketchfu.com/drawing/5856562-misty-d
10. She was in a different pack long ago until the Alpha got sick and the sickness made him do strange thing like kicking a couple woffies out of the pack... :/. Misty wandered with her bother Al after being kicked out. But Al got killed trying to protect Misty from a bear. She was on her own for years until she came across this land. She was put in the Omega group. She proved herself worthy of being the Lead Hunter. She was loyal to her Alphas and earned the member of the month title Very Happy. But after she had worked to way up to being a Delta with her mate, BlackFang, she was accused of something she didn't do (Not getting into details), She was sentenced to be the lowest of the low-a Rebel. She got knocked into a 2 week (Lol 2 year) blow, and when she woke, she found herself in the path of GreyStone, and when he saw her awakening and promised he would change and let her be Delta once again. Very Happy Luffles that story!

Misty Very Happy Me loven me some bunahnahs! What a Face

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